Halifax Surf School at Martinique Beach
  • THE BEST surfing location in Nova Scotia: Martinique Beach.
  • All of our rental prices are for ALL DAY rentals.
  • Below prices include taxes.
  • Wetsuit rentals include FREE booties and gloves in cold weather.
  • Our beach location at Martinique makes your surf experience easy. There is no need to transport sandy gear in your own vehicle. Simply pick up your surfing rentals at the beach and leave them behind when you're finished.

Surfboard & Wetsuit Rental: $40 Daily (Tax Included)

Surfboard Only Rental: $20 Daily (Tax Included)

  • 5'6" soft surfboard
  • 7'0" soft surfboard
  • 8'0" soft surfboard
  • 9'0" soft surfboard
  • 6'4" hard surfboard
  • 7'6" hard surfboard
  • 8'0" hard surfboard
  • 9'0" hard surfboard

Wetsuit Only Rental: $20 Daily (Tax Included)

  • Includes FREE booties and gloves in colder weather conditions

*** All prices include HST

Halifax Surf School has a convenient location directly on the sand at Martinique Beach. If you're looking for surfing rentals, we have you covered. We have a great selection of surfing wetsuits and surfboards that are suitable for local conditions. Our wetsuits are warm and will make your surfing experience a comfortable one. If it's chilly, booties and gloves will be included with your wetsuit rental for FREE. Our rental prices are a daily rate. Keep your gear until you're tired.

Most of our rental and lessons surfboards are known as "longboards". Longboards are usually 8 foot of length and longer. Larger boards allow students to stand up more easily. Smaller surfboards (shortboards) require a higher level of paddle fitness and larger and more powerful waves. Thus, starting out with a surfboard is a bad decision.

If you're interested in purchasing your own surfing gear, we can provide professional advice. We offer a full stock of surfboards and wetsuits for sale. Please read this information as a valuable resource for the thickness of wetsuit that is required for each month of the year in Nova Scotia.