Nova Scotia Surfing Lessons with Halifax Surf School

$80 Surfing Lessons (Tax Included)

  • Includes 1-hour surfing lesson and the rental of your wetsuit and surfboard for the rest of the day.
  • Surfing lessons are approximately 15 minutes land-based and 45 minutes of ocean time.
  • Our equipment is high-quality and makes catching waves as easy as possible.
  • The wetsuit will keep you plenty warm. Booties and gloves are included when it is cold.
  • Our teaching spot located at Martinique Beach is THE BEST spot to learn to surf in Nova Scotia.
  • Great surfing beach for kids due to the shallow water and gradual drop off in depth.
  • Group rates available for groups of 4+

$45 Surfboard and Wetsuit Combo Rental (Tax Included)

  • $25 for wetsuit only and $25 for surfboard only.
  • Daily rate - surf until you're tired.
  • Our rental surfboards and wetsuits are high-quality.
  • Free delivery and pick-up from at Martinique Beach. Just call or text for quick service: 902-789-5483.

Why Choose Halifax Surf School?

Best waves

Martinique Beach is easily the best place for your Nova Scotia surf lessons. At all tides, the beach is wide and sandy with a gently-sloping bottom. There are no rocks. Avoid the rocks and crowds at Lawrencetown Beach. Martinique offers 4.5 kilometers of sandy beach. This location will making surfing as easy as possible for you. Martinique Beach is the absolute best beach for your Nova Scotia surfing experience.

Close to Halifax

Halifax Surf School is conveniently located just 40 minutes from Halifax. 25 minutes from Dartmouth. Martinique Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Nova Scotia and a true nature escape. Free parking is available. Martinique Beach is well worth the drive, as the surfing conditions are the best in Nova Scotia.

Great price

$80 (tax included) surfing lessons feature 1-hour with an instructor and then include gear rental for the rest of the day. Keep your wetsuit and surfboard after your lesson and surf until you're tired. Bring some friends along and spend the entire day surfing until you can't move your arms any longer!

Quality gear

Our gear is top notch. All of our wetsuits and surfboards are well maintained and appropriate for the local conditions. We teach on large, soft (foam covered) surfboards for safety and ease of use. These boards make catching and standing on waves - as easy as possible. Everyone loves quality gear.

Experienced instructors

Halifax Surf School instructors all have many years of surfing experience in Canada and overseas. We're passionate about the ocean. Curious about the ocean? Ask away, we'll have answers for you.

Open 7 days per week

Open everyday. Rain or shine, lessons and rentals are available. Call, text or email for FAST service. We're here to serve your Nova Scotia surfing needs.

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